Suggest an Idea

We believe that ideas have changed the way the world moves forward today and it is only a strong idea that inspires and pushes forward change. If you think you have a strong idea, write a mail to or to and we shall revert back to you.


Become an official member

Official membership for CHD Group is on invitation only subject to screening of the person by the Governing Board. Interested individuals can send an email to to make a request whenever interested. However, we are looking at individuals who have field experience and have a respectable standing in society to join as members.

Suggest a Collaborator

CHD Group continues to build bridges and foster friendship among communities and in the fields. We look out for partners in the academic communities, corporate institutions, Universities, NGOs and Government departments. Reach us on or


Volunteer with us

We are on the look-out for volunteers who can spare their weekends and time wherever they are to create compelling online content and infographics with powerful messages for society in public health. This will be honorary in nature with no remuneration. But the Volunteer will be duly recognized by CHD Group and CHD Group members will also keep in touch to make friends and build a network.

Those volunteers locally available in the area of operations by CHD Group can get in touch immediately on and we will arrange a call back.

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