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   CHD Fights Coronavirus by supporting over 50,000 farmers and farm labourers providing PPEs, supplying food surival ration to BPL families and Daily wage earners and Panchayats with PPEs as they become frontline rural warriors. Connect with us to join the cause and work harder

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CHD Group is a Global Health Organization working to nurture a healthy world through our public health initiatives.

CHD Group partners with different institutions in the Government Departments, United Nation Agencies, Public Sector Institutions, Corporate companies, Hospitals, Civil Society Organizations and Faith based institutes around India and across the globe to strengthen sectoral collaboration and enhance quality and innovative work in public health and development.

We also encourage our well-wishers to join our One Health membership movement  by committing 1% of their Annual income to the CHD Group Endowment Fund.

Proceeds received from this fund will be used to support poor patient care,create high impact global health fellowships, initiate small scale research projects and build policy narratives to assist local governments and also advance The United Nations Global Goals.

Leading the way For


We start with children, mobilize entire communities into self-reliant action and foster effective partnerships.


To reach out through humanitarian efforts and to articulate
frameworks that advance conversations in health and development.



To emerge as a global organization and engage in risk reduction initiatives


To pioneer socio-economic development and address social determinants of health


To establish strategic academic – field based partnerships and to work with faith based coalition to build power from below


To engage in community development & strengthen public health diplomacy through a multi-pronged approach which protects
vulnerable groups like women, children and the elderly.

Our Partners


Neurology and Coronavirus Impact | Dr. Shivananda Pai

'Life’s On – Survival Ration & Medical IEC' campaign

కరోనా వైరస్ - కొన్ని ముఖ్యమైన వివిషయాలు (డా. నివేదిత)

I dream of the day in India, when the young and young at heart will have accessible and affordable healthcare, and importantly, at their doorstep in every corner of the country. That will be the day, we all as citizens of India and children of this world, would have truly won. Join us to see history live.


 CEO-CHD Group

March 15, 2020

Village Walkathon – First of its Kind Undertaken by CHD Group

CHD Group under the leadership of Dr. Edmond Fernandes and colleagues along with Jokatte Grama Panchayat and ONGC-MRPL as a...
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March 9, 2020

BASF – CHD Group celebrate International Women’s Day 2020

The focus for the International Women’s Day 2020 this time was on preventive gynaecology which was jointly celebrated by BASF-CHD...
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March 2, 2020

Coronavirus update: 86,584 cases and 2,975 deaths, including first in U.S.

A person has died in Washington state of COVID-19, marking the first such reported death in the United States and...
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Uniting pro-health individuals and businesses in helping address the greatest healthcare challenges of our times. 

Join us to commit 1% of your annual income to The CHD Group Endowment Fund. Want to discuss, reach out to us on : [email protected]