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CHD Group
Corona Report

CHD Annual Report 2019-20

COVID19 Lockdown
India National Assessment Survey

Covid19 lockdown report - CHD Group

Karnataka Mental Health Report-2019

Financial Manual For NGOs in India

Vector Borne Diseases

CHD Annual Report 2018-19

To the stakeholder of CHD Group: Social transformation in the development sector continues to grow at an unprecedented pace in world history. At the same time, our world continues to be surrounded by very many problems which continue to magnify.

CHD Annual Review 2017-18

This marks the year I took up CHD Group full-time. Hungry to change human destinies forever, post my MD specialization in Community Medicine I had number of options to choose from. CHD Group moved forward even back then since its inception in 2014 but it needed a wheel in continuous motion which I feel we arrived in for only by 2017. 

Cyclone Fani Report

CHD Group Report on Cyclone Fani 2019.